british english & american english

Oscar Wilde used to say jokingly that one of the main reasons why the English and the Americans don’t understand each other is that they speak the same language 

The main difference between the two languages lies in the pronunciation. There are also differences and innovations in American English involving spelling and vocabulary : colour/color, centre/center, theatre/theater….

In many cases different words are used to mean the same thing: English children are fond of “sweets” and “biscuits”, while American children are fond of “candies” and “cookies” You can travel by “tube” or by “tram” in England, by “subway” or by “streetcar” in America

School begins in Autumn in Britain, but in Fall in the States. The English go on holiday, the Americans go on vacation; English People live in flats, American people live in apartments

. . . . and that is “all right” for an Englishman, but it is “ok” for an American. . . . .