etiquette & good manners

On the continent people have good food, in England people have good manners

English people are kind and polite and they are  never tired of saying ‘Thanks ‘-  ‘I am sorry’ – ‘It’s a pleasure’ – ‘I beg your pardon’ -, and so on. They know they are different from continental people and they are proud of their nationality

Every Englishman is an average Englishman: it is a national characteristics

The english Gentleman is a combination of silence, courtesy, dignity, sport and newspapers: an Englishman is content to say nothing when he has nothing to say; and when two Englishmen meet, their first talk is about the weather

The Gentleman is generous and treats all men as his equals, especially those whom he feels to be inferior in rank and wealth

The Englishman`s home is his castle.
and when we say that the englishman’s home is his castle, we mean to point out one of the principal characteristics of the English: their love for privacy, family life and tradition